McClure’s Spicy Pickle Review

There was a time, not so long ago that I was browsing through a farmer’s market and came across McClure’s pickles. They were around eleven dollars a jar, and so I just took a sample and kept on walking. Now, five years later they are being sold at Walmart for under $4 and the production has been outsourced to India. They’ve sold out, and the packaging really reflects that. It doesn’t look as clean or high quality as the smaller batch jars back in the old days. The drop in price was appealing though, and I picked up a couple jars of 32oz Spicy Pickle Spears, and they were….alright. Nothing to write home about, but a good pickle to have on hand when you have a craving for something better than regular grocery store pickles. To dig a little deeper, the pickles are too soft. I like pickles with more of a crunch. They also don’t have the type of heat I was expecting. There’s some sweetness to the pickles, which offsets the spice. That would be fine if there was enough spice to need offsetting. While the heat does build up a bit as you chomp through the pickle, it never gets quite spicy enough. The spice also feels kind of shallow. It’s just on the tip of your tongue, but not a deep burn. I’m sure these are good for people just dipping their toes into spicy pickles, but if you want a real bang or some sweat dripping down your face, this is not the pickle for you.


Two stars.

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